Facility Consolidation for Chelford City Diversion Project, Pkg 3 — City of Houston, TX

Aurora led the design effort in replacing 7,000 LF of 24” gravity sewer mains by trenchless methods including the abandonment of the Green Crest Lift Station. The project is part of the flow diversion from the Chelford City service area to the Upper Braes WWTP by studying the line along Richmond and then connecting to Westpark's new 60" sewer tunnel. Aurora’s scope included engineering supporting wastewater collection system diversion, consolidation of existing WWTP and lift stations, ROW assessment, public and private utilities review and coordination, QA/QC, as well as trenchless design services.


Lower East Bank Interceptor Sewer — Dallas Water Utilities, Dallas, TX

Aurora is providing technical support as a sewer tunnel design consultant on a 1.5-mile, 96” and 84” interceptor sewer in downtown Dallas. The project involves the design and crossing of several major downtown arterial streets, channels under Trinity River, major storm box culverts and large horseshoe storm sewers, and sanitary sewer siphon and junction box structures before connecting to the diversion facility. Installation of the proposed sewer will involve a combination of trenchless and open-cut methods. As a design consultant to Gresham Smith and Partners, A+ Serviced has provided the development of a geotechnical data and exploration program, constructability review on the preliminary design, evaluation and development of design alternatives, and review of project specifications.


W-1 Leon Creek and E-4 Sanitary Sewer Outfall System San Antonio Water System, TX

As a subconsultant to the lead engineer, Pape-Dawson, Aurora assisted in the design of SAWS's proposed 78" sewer for segment W-1 Leon Creek (Hwy 151 - Hwy 90) and a new 42" E-4 sewer outfall (Charles William Anderson Loop 1604 - Redland and Bulverde Rd). Both segments included an upgrade of the existing sanitary sewers with new sewer and outfall to the downstream collection system. The proposed sewers consisted of approximately 1.5-mile and 1 mile long for W-1 and E-4, respectively, and a total of 8 tunnel segments across Leon Creek, highways, local roadways, and buildings ranging from 78" to 42" FRP with 96" to 54" casing. Aurora provided technical support related to tunnel crossing design. Specific scope included: a review of geotechnical data report and ground conditions; constructability review for tunnel design; perform tunnel casing and liner plate calculations; assessment of minimum depth of cover at critical crossing location or alternate design option, recommendation for a Trenchless Construction Schedule; review and develop necessary tunnel construction and tunnel shaft specifications.


Post Oak Construction Management — Uptown Development Authority, Houston, TX

Aurora served as the Lead Construction Engineer for the Uptown Development Authority. In this role, the firm supported the Authority’s $150M construction program to reconstruct the infrastructure within the Galleria Area. The most notable project involved the reconstruction of over 9,000 LF of Post Oak Boulevard from Richmond Avenue to IH-610. As part of the project, the existing six lanes of traffic were shifted outwards to accommodate the placement of two dedicated bus lanes down the middle of the road. Construction required significant traffic control and phasing. Utility improvements included the construction of over 15,000 LF of 42” to 12” sanitary sewers and almost 18,000 LF of 12” water lines, including the relocation of numerous water meter vaults and multiple adjustments to an existing 24” water line. To facilitate the construction of the main project and reduce the impact on the local retail/commercial and residential stakeholders, construction of some of the utility relocations started in advance of the main reconstruction work.


ASAP Sewer Line Rehabilitation — North Texas Municipal Water District, Wylie, TX

Rafael Ortega served as project principal for the rehabilitation of for the trenchless rehabilitation of 17,650 LF of 27” to 42” diameter sewer and included 50 manholes for North Texas Municipal Water District in an effort to extend the useful life of a concrete sewer interceptor installed in 1984. The project was complicated due to tree mitigation requirements of the City of Allen and Plano, limited site access to minimize impacts to existing parks, the requirements of sensitive property owners (established tree farm and two golf courses), and the extent of the floodplain.


Classen-Steubing Oversized Sewer Main San Antonio Water System, TX

Aurora is serving as a subconsultant to the lead engineer, Pape-Dawson, on the Classen-Steubing Oversized Sewer Main project. This project consists of approximately 1,600 LF of 30-inch gravity sewer main, including a critical tunnel across the San Antonio River Authority's (SARA) MUD Creek Dam located 0.5 miles northwest of the intersection of US-281 and Redland Road. Due to a previous unsuccessful attempt to tunnel underneath the MUD Creek Dam, SAWS requested Pape-Dawson to develop an alternative alignment and design that could avoid the challenges of the previous project. Aurora was selected to provide a technical peer review on the design and construction methodology for this tunnel crossing. Aurora's effort includes a review of historical records on the dam, coordination with geotechnical and tunneling engineers, evaluation of primary liner thickness, providing suggested revisions to project specifications, and constructability review of the overall design.


FEMA Disaster Mitigation for Wastewater Facilities Induced by Hurricane Harvey — City of Houston, TX

Aurora provided engineering services for consolidation and upgrades for flood mitigation efforts in the City of Houston’s North Belt and Cedar Bayou wastewater services areas. This project involved evaluations for diverting wastewater flows for consolidating and abandoning wastewater lift station facilities as part of the Hurricane Harvey disaster recovery and mitigation program. The focus was to mitigate or eliminate facilities located in flood-prone areas. Recommended improvements in the Cedar Bayou service area consisted of three replacement lift stations for on-site flood mitigation and elevating pump control panel and critical electrical equipment at one lift station. Recommended improvements in the North Belt service area consisted of a new 2.8 MGD lift station, 10,500 LF of 14-inch force main, and 1,320 LF of 12, 18 and 24-inch gravity sewers for diverting flows from the WCID #76 WWTP to the North Belt WWTP. Additionally, construction cost estimates were prepared for the recommended mitigation improvements totaling approximately $7.9M.


2020 CMOM Package 3 San Antonio Water System, TX

Aurora served as a subconsultant to the lead engineer, Pape-Dawson, on the 2020 CMOM Package 3 project that consisted of the installation of approximately 3,000 LF of 21-inch gravity sewer main by open and trenchless methods. Aurora provided technical support on the design and constructability review of the trenchless segments, including the development of casing and liner plate loading calculations and recommendations for allowable construction methodologies based on soil and site conditions.