42″/30″ Water Line from Knight and Holmes Road to Sims Bayou Pump Station – City of Houston, Houston, TX

This project involved 39,000 LF of 42″ water transmission line and incorporated pump station improvements to Sims Bayou PS (SBPS), including 30″ yard piping, a new 30″ metering station, four 30″ tank connections at the SBPS, and improvements to the chlorinator, ammoniator, and SCADA system. In addition, the project included extensive pavement reconstruction along concrete roadways. The project was constructed with a combination of PCCP, Barwrapped, and steel waterline.

Chocolate Bayou Pump Station and Intake Structure – Gulf Coast Water Authority, Alvin, TX.

GCWA Canal Division operates the existing Chocolate Bayou Pump Station, a surface water pump station that was built to supply irrigation water to agricultural customers. Demand over the years has changed from exclusively agricultural to primarily industrial and the existing pumps station is unable to meet the demand. This led GCWA to pursue the construction of a new pump station for the Chocolate Bayou system. The new pump station is to deliver 50,000 GPM with four pumps operating. Aurora was selected to provide technical support to prime engineers, which included the review of the pump station’s preliminary design. As part of the effort, Aurora also provided an initial structural design for the pump station. Design Challenge: The contractor encountered a significantly higher inflow of water during base excavation which resulted in a major increase in sheet piling and dewatering effort.

FEMA Disaster Mitigation for Wastewater Facilities Induced by Hurricane Harvey – City of Houston, TX

A+ Services provided engineering services for consolidation and upgrades for flood mitigation efforts in the City of Houston’s North Belt and Cedar Bayou wastewater services areas. This project involved evaluations for diverting wastewater flows for consolidating and abandoning wastewater lift station facilities as part of the Hurricane Harvey disaster recovery and mitigation program. The focus was to mitigate or eliminate facilities located in flood-prone areas. Recommended improvements in the Cedar Bayou service area consisted of three replacement lift stations for on-site flood mitigation and elevating pump control panel and critical electrical equipment at one lift station. Recommended improvements in the North Belt service area consisted of a new 2.8 MGD lift station, 10,500 LF of 14-inch force main, and 1,320 LF of 12, 18 and 24-inch gravity sewers for diverting flows from the WCID #76 WWTP to the North Belt WWTP. Additionally, construction cost estimates were prepared for the recommended mitigation improvements totaling approximately $7.9M.

Virginia Point Metering Stations – Gulf Coast Water Authority, Texas City, TX

The GCWA supplies the City of Galveston with water through two existing water line systems. However, concerns about the existing water line’s condition and its system’s redundancy prompted the City of Galveston to pursue the construction of an additional water line attached to the existing IH-45 bridge to Galveston. The third water line will require GCWA to increase the pressure in its existing system. Aurora has been selected to develop the design for two (2) 20″ above-ground pressure-reducing and metering stations to control pressure and flow to the existing water lines supplying Galveston. Both metering stations used full-port electromagnetic flow meters, electronically controlled flow control valves with pressure-reducing and pressure-sustaining features, and required above-ground storage for SCADA controls. Aurora’s efforts included the assessment of optimal locations for the stations, evaluation of pressure-reducing valve sizing, development of piping and structural design, and construction phase services for the project.