Client: Dallas Water Utilities
Location: Dallas, TX

Lower East Bank Intersection Sewer project is a 1.5-mile, 96″ and 84″ interceptor sewer in downtown Dallas. The project involves the design of a major sanitary sewer system to divert sewerage along Market Center Blvd and Riverfront Blvd to East Bank Diversion Facility near Woodal Rodgers Freeway. The proposed sewer route includes design of large sewer pipes with major junction box structures along downtown major arterial streets and crossing of several major streets, the channel under Trinity River, major storm box culverts and large horseshoe storm sewers, and sanitary sewer siphon before connecting to the diversion facility. Installation of proposed sewer will involve a combination of open cut and sewer tunnel methods.
As a design consultant to Gresham Smith and Partners, Aurora Technical Services (ATS) is providing technical support for sewer tunnel, structure design, waterline/storm sewer realignment and reconnection, and traffic management services. During preliminary engineering phase, ATS provided the development of geotechnical data and exploration program, constructability assessment and recommendation on proposed route, evaluation and development of design alternatives, traffic control and construction phasing options and review of project specifications. The final design is expected to be completed in 2019.