Client: San Antonio Water System (SAWS)
Location: San Antonio, TX

SAWS intended to construct a new 78″ sewer for the lower segment of W-1 Leon Creek system from Highway 151 to Highway 90 and a new 42″ E-4 sewer outfall from Charles William Anderson Loop 1604 to the intersection of Redland and Bulverde Rd. Both project segment included upgrade of the existing substandard sanitary sewers with new sewer alignment and outfall to the D/S collection system. The proposed sewers consisted of approximately 1.5- and 1-mile long for W-1 and E-4, respectively as well as a total of 8 tunnel segments across Leon Creek, highway, local roadways and building ranging from 78″ to 42″ FRP with 96″ to 54″ casing.

A+ Services’ main task consisted of providing engineering technical support specifically related to tunnel crossing design. Specific scope included: review of geotechnical data report and ground conditions; constructability review for tunnel design; conduct tunnel casing and liner plate calculations; assessment of min. depth of cover at critical crossing location or alternate design option, recommendation of Trenchless Construction Schedule; review and develop necessary tunnel construction specifications.