Client: Gulf Coast Waer Authority (GCWA)
Location: Galveston, TX

Gulf Coast Water Authority supplies the City of Galveston with water through two existing waterline systems. However, concerns about the condition of the existing waterline and redundancy in their system prompted the City of Galveston to pursue the construction of an additional waterline attached to the existing IH-45 bridge to Galveston. The third waterline will require GCWA to increase the pressure in its existing system.
Aurora Technical Services has selected to develop the design for two (2) 20″ above-ground flow control and metering station to control pressure and flow to the existing waterlines supplying Galveston. The flow control stations were metered through the use of full-port eletromagnetic flow meters and pressure was control through Cla-Val Pressure Reducing Valve with pressure relief, pressure sustaining and pressure reducing functionalities. The project also required the design of 700 LF of existing Cast Iron WL removal and replacement, and an elevated structure for mounting SCADA and Solar¬≠Power Battery Back-Ups.
Aurora Technical Services’ efforts included the evaluation of optimal location for stations, development of piping and structural design, and construction-phase services of project. Aurora Technical Services also supported the GCWA staff in locating an existing leak and identifying options for field-repairs.