Client: City of Pasadena
Location: Pasadena, TX

Aurora recently completed an evaluation of the City’s water system in support of developing a project-specific, 5-year Water System Capital Improvement Program. This effort involved using WATERGEMS hydraulic modeling software to simulate the City’s water system operations under various demand conditions. Customer demands used in the model were updated based on the City’s historical billing and consumption records. Modeling results confirmed the actual field conditions (flows and pressures) that were being observed. Consequently, the model was used to run simulations for upgrading the City’s water system. It improved reliability, operating pressures, and fire flows, as well as future services to promote economic developments.

Aurora worked with the City’s staff to develop specific system improvement projects based on the modeling results. Improvements included approximately 56,000 LF (8 to 36-inch) of transmission and distribution mains; rebuilding, upgrading, and activating an existing pump with two 2.5 MG ground storage tanks; and rehabilitation of 16,000 LF of 24-inch water transmission. The estimated total cost for these improvements is $65M.