Client: North Harris County Regional Water Authority (NHCRWA)
Location: Houston, TX

A+ Services was selected to provide engineering support services for developing a prioritization schedule from a system-wide conditional assessment of NHCRWA’s existing LDWL system. Some of these WLs are critical to the Authority’s operations and unplanned outages to support its customers as well as they may pose system reliability and redundancy challenge due to increased water demands and the upcoming new water sources. A+ Services is assigned to conduct a prioritized system-wide Condition Assessment of the current NHCRWA LDWL system. The project scope includes collecting and reviewing record drawings in order to evaluate and prioritize the existing transmission system segments most in need of inspection. Once collected, A+ Services is determining which inspection and testing technologies are both available and appropriate for respective line segments and providing recommendations towards the end goal of conducting a full condition assessment of NHCRWA’s System.