Client: North Harris Regional Water Authority (NHCRWA)
Location: Houston, TX

Project 31A is part of the North Harris County Regional Water Authority’s (NHCRWA) Second Loop 2025 Water System Distribution and Transmission System to comply with the required Groundwater Reduction Plan, consisting of approximately 20,000 LF of WLs ranging from 36” to 12” in diameter. This project begins at the future SH-249 Regional Pump Station, ending with a connection to the Authority’s Project 31C along Windfern Road. It consists of approximately 3,800 LF of 16” WL from Bobcat Rd at Windfern Road to Emerald Forest Municipal Utility District’s (MUD) water receiving facility as a second loop. The WL will be primarily located along the proposed WL easements, Harris County right-of-way (ROW), and CenterPoint Energy (CPN) High-Voltage Transmission Line fee corridors.

Furthermore, the project scope includes various crossings of pipelines, Harris County roadways, TxDOT highways, and CPN transmission line towers. The proposed WL will be constructed using a combination of open-cut and trenchless methods. Furthermore, a micro tunnel boring machine will be required for tunneling construction at some locations along the project limit to mitigate impacts on existing features/structures. Project 31A also includes connections to six water-receiving facilities managed by different MUDs. Each facility has its own unique design for the connection and yard piping, and chloramine conversion and electrical design based on its existing condition and available space.

Additionally, Aurora served as the design consultant to provide Project 31 Route Study in 2020. Project 31, the Second Loop Water System, will consist of approximately 18 miles of water transmission line and will begin at the future SH-249 Regional Pump Station and end with a connection to an existing 54” WL near Grant Rd and N. Eldridge Pkwy. Project 31 will also connect to 8 MUD districts and 14 water plants.