Client: Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Dept
Location: Miami, FL

Mr. Ortega served as the Program Management Consultant to assist the MDWASD establish a Comprehensive Infrastructure Assessment and Replacement Program for water transmission and distribution mains. This included preparation of condition evaluations, forensic analysis, risk assessments, and renewal option protocols. Mr. Ortega was instrumental in supporting the County to establish a comprehensive program to evaluate, prioritize and rehabilitate Miami-Dade County’s water transmission and distribution mains. Specific activities or tasks undertaken under Mr. Ortega’s leadership included:
• Technology Evaluation: Evaluating the various technologies the County could use for assessing the water system lines, as what were required for using these technologies.
• Hydraulic Model Confirmation: This task involved reviewing the County’s water model for the water transmission and distribution mains and simulating a number of shut-down scenarios to confirm the accuracy and completeness of the hydraulic model. Shut-down results were then compared to actual field pressure recordings from recent physical shutdowns of key transmission lines.
• Condition Assessment: Determining the condition of the water mains through observation, manned entry assessments and indirect monitoring. This task included evaluation of 96”, 54” and 48” PCCP and DIP lines with a specific focus on sections of pipe previously rehabilitated using carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) systems. This assignment required developing County testing and inspection protocols.
• Prioritization: Prioritizing water mains that need remediation based on technical, environmental and societal criteria.
• Technical Support: Providing the County with technical support for the repairing/replacing/ rehabilitating of the deteriorated water mains.