Client: City of Houston
Location: Houston, TX

This project was a continuation of the City of Houston’s SWTP designed to increase the use of surface water throughout the City and adjacent areas. Due to groundwater quality enhancements mandated by the USEPA, the City identified the need to upgrade or abandon several groundwater wells to comply with the mandated deadline of January 2006.

The Greenspoint project was designed to transmit surface water to the north and northwest areas of the City and adjacent areas of Harris County and supply those areas currently served by the wells so that the wells can be abandoned. The overall project was comprised of five contracts, totaling approximately 45,000 LF of 66” water transmission line and several distribution system extensions to improve delivery pressures, flow, and fire protection. Due to the USEPA’s mandate deadline, the Greenspoint project adopted a fast-track design and construction schedule. Design was completed in just five months, and more than $40M of construction projects were completed ahead of schedule, in less than 18 months.

The complex, fast-track schedule of the project required the development of special design provisions for the construction drawings, and specifications to increase construction productivity. These included allowances for multiple contractor work crews and constructing multiple system interconnections so that sections of the pipeline could be isolated, disinfected, tested, and placed in service throughout the contract period.

Rafael Ortega led the design, construction management, and real estate acquisition services, as well as directly involved in the design of these five contracts. He was actively engaged in extensive coordination between the City of Houston and Harris County. Mr. Ortega was responsible for managing numerous engineering consultants throughout the design phase and for coordination with multiple stakeholders and agencies, including Harris County and Harris County Flood Control District, Union Pacific Railroad, TxDOT, Houston Area Water Corporation, Houston Airport System, Greenspoint Management District, CenterPoint Energy, several private utility owners, and the NHCRWA. A portion of the project extended through a residential area. This required Mr. Ortega to meet with County officials and develop a construction phasing plan to minimize impacts to the residents.