Client: San Antonio Water Systems (SAWS)
Location: San Antonio, TX

Aurora served as subconsultant to the lead engineer, Pape-Dawson, on the Classen-Steubing Oversized Sewer Main project. This project consisted of approximately 1,600 LF of 30-inch gravity sewer main, including a critical tunnel across the San Antonio River Authority’s (SARA) MUD Creek Dam located 0.5 miles northwest of the intersection of US-281 and Redland Road. Due to a previous unsuccessful attempt to tunnel underneath the MUD Creek Dam, SAWS elected Pape-Dawson to lead the effort in developing an alternative alignment and design that could avoid the shortcomings of the previous project. Aurora was selected to provide technical support on the design and construction methodology for this tunnel crossing. Aurora’s effort included the review of historical records on the dam, coordination with geotechnical and tunneling engineers, evaluation of primary liner thickness, providing suggested revisions to project specifications, and constructability review of the overall design.