Client: Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD)
Location: Houston, TX

Aurora serves as the subconsultant with Halff Associates (Prime) to provide Project Management Support and Technical Advisory Services as the Bond Implementation Management Team (BIMT) for the Cedar Bayou Phase II program.

The project is Harris County Flood Control District’s (HCFCD) plan to substantially deliver (in five years) the Cedar Bayou Flood Risk Reduction effort as part of the 2018 Harris County Bond projects. The referenced bond projects comprise several recommended channel conveyance improvements and detention basins for upstream tributaries with various scopes and budgeted funds. These projects include eight designated drainage ditches or tributaries such as Q134-00/01-00-FP, Q130-00-00-FP, Q122-00-00-FP, Q114-00-00-FP, Q128-00-00-FP, Q500-01-00-FP w/detention, Q500-CWA w/detention, and Q136-00-00-FP.
For the BIMT efforts, overall project implementations include:

Task 1: General Program Management and Administration
Task 2: Consultant Management of Engineering Design and Construction Management
Task 3: Environmental Assessment and Permitting
Task 4: Other Support Services such as ROW, Utilities, Public Communication, Cedar FRRS, Geotechnical, Survey, Funding, etc.

The assigned tasks include overall program management support, project management of design consultants for assigned projects (PER and final design F-44/Q130 and PER F-43/Q128), and support services for ROW issues/acquisitions.