Client: City of Houston
Location: Houston, TX

This Project will widen the existing Antoine Drive to an urban boulevard section to four or six lanes with raised medians, shared-use path, grade separation over the BNSF railroad, upgrade signalized intersections, and necessary underground public utility improvements. The project limits are from US290 to the north of W Gulf Bank (Segment I and II) and in conjunction with HCE roadway improvement from the city limits to W Mount Houston (Segment III). Aurora will provide a review (Segment II) and design (Segment I) engineering services to Gauge Engineering (Prime) for the related water/wastewater system improvements. Related scope of work includes:

Segment I (Engineering Services for Water/Wastewater)
• Support for General Engineering Consulting (GEC) and project management with project meetings, CIP program support, sub-project scoping/logistic support, project development, strategic planning, and delivery schedule support.
• Design Data Collection and Utility Plan Reviews, including site visits, utility system, and capacity assessment, and coordination with COH CIP/GIMS project integration.
• Design Concept Report (DCR) for rehabilitation, upgrade, or replacement (as needed) of the water, approximately 14,000 LF, and wastewater, approximately 16,000 LF, system, and related appurtenances within the project area. Review and evaluate the existing site and underground utilities; recommend a schematic layout and define the scoping by performing alignment alternatives and estimates.
• Design plan and profiles for a 30% design for the identified water/wastewater system improvements.

Segment II – (Engineering review for the water/wastewater systems)
• Attend project meetings, Constructability Review Conference, and provide GEC support.
• Provide quality assurance and constructability reviews of progress design submittal at (60%, 90%, and pre-final).
• Provide construction bid form, independent QTO, and PSE reviews.
• Provide bid phase support in responding to RFI or addendum.