James A. Moheet, PE has almost 40 years of experience designing water and general civil engineering projects.   As a consultant,  James has performed a variety of services on almost 200,000 LF of large diameter transmission mains ranging in size from 108” to 20”.   Services included detail design,  quality control and constructability reviews,  thrust restraint and tunnel designs,  and specification preparation.   During this time,  he has directly designed over 640,000 linear feet of distribution mains,  ranging in size from 16” to 4”.    As a subconsultant,  James assisted in the City of Houston’s efforts on the feasibility study for the proposed Northeast Water Transmission System: NEWPP to Acres Homes Pump Station.   This 23-mile alignment study included evaluating a number of alternatives to construct the proposed 96” transmission line.   Before venturing to the private sector,  James worked for City of Houston Public Works Department as a Project Manager responsible for the Surface Water Program.

In addition to his extensive experience in City of Houston water engineering projects,  for several years James was associated with Mickie Service,  a tapping and utility contracting company.   He served for four years as the Chairmen of the Board of a security software company in Bethesda,  Maryland.   Additionally,  he played a major role as the Managing Director for the design build of infrastructures projects in Iraq and Afghanistan as part of US and coalition partners effort to upgrade and rehabilitate existing systems.

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering; University of Texas
Master of Business Administration, Management; University of Bloomsburg

Professional Engineer No. 57649,  Texas

James A. Moheet, PE;
Dir. of Infrastructure