Client: City Of Houston
Location: Houston, TX

Aurora, as the prime consultant, designed the 66” water line along West Hardy Road, covering 6,000 LF for the City of Houston’s Northeast Transmission Water Line (NETL) project. This work spanned from Beltway 8 to Greens Road and included both open-cut and tunneling methods for the water transmission line, a 12” aerial water line crossing over Greens Bayou, and improvements to West Hardy Road such as widened sidewalks, driveway upgrades, and enhanced street infrastructure.

The project demanded coordination and approvals from several regulatory bodies, including Harris County, HCTRA, FMO, HCFCD, and TxDOT, alongside managing relations with adjacent projects and utilities. Significant challenges arose from the water line’s tunnel crossing near Beltway 8 and existing bridge substructures, requiring a comprehensive risk assessment, alternative design evaluations, and planning for construction phases and traffic management. Aurora overcame these obstacles by identifying an alignment that avoided the shallow bridge foundations, mitigating risks and ensuring the project’s feasibility.