Client: City Of Houston (COH)
Location: Houston, TX

Aurora Technical Services served as the prime design consultant for the proposed 66” waterline interconnection project along W. Hardy Rd from Beltway 8 to Greens Road, as part of the City of Houston’s Northeast Transmission Waterline project. This project included design of approximately 5,700 LF of 66” water transmission line via open-cut and tunneling, a 12” waterline aerial crossing over Greens Bayou, as well as replacement of the W. Hardy Rd roadway pavement with widened sidewalk, driveway enhancement, concrete curbs, storm water inlets, ADA wheelchair ramps, and street lighting.

Design tasks included coordination and obtaining permits/approvals from different Regulatory Agencies including Harris County, HCTRA, FMO, HCFCD and TxDOT, as well as coordination with adjacent projects, private utilities and pipeline companies.

Numerous design challenges existed for the proposed waterline tunnel crossing at Beltway 8 and W. Hardy Rd. intersection due to its close proximity to the existing TxDOT bridge substructures, the existing and future HCTRA direct connectors, and the existing oil and gas pipelines. To come up with a best design solution, Aurora’s design efforts included assessment of construction phasing, traffic control arrangement, bridge impact analysis, settlement mitigation measure, constructability review, alternate alignment study, risk assessment, cost and schedule evaluations. Additional engineering services also included bid phase support, competitive sealed proposal, and construction phase services