Client: Uptown Development Authority (UDA)
Location: Houston, TX

Aurora Technical Services serves as the Lead Construction Engineer for the Uptown Development Authority. In this role, the firm supports the Authority’s ongoing $150M construction program to reconstruct the infrastructure within the Galleria Area.
The project involved the reconstruction of over 9,000 LF of Post Oak Boulevard from Richmond Avenue to IH-610. Aurora Technical Services performed the technical lead engineering for the replacement an over-capacity 36″ sanitary sewer along Post Oak Boulevard.The project recommendations included up-sizing the sewer line to a 42″ and installing a parallel 12″ to 18″ sewer line on the opposite side of the road to reduce conflicts with the proposed storm sewer improvements and other private utilities. Due to the need to keep traffic flowing during construction, a significant portion of the sewer was designed as trenchless construction. Furthermore, with Mr. Ortega’s understanding of rehabilitation of sewer lines, the project was valued engineered to reduce the LF of sewer line replacement, by rehabilitating the MHs for a section of the line. The overall design includes the construction of over 15,000 LF of 42″ to 12″ sanitary sewers and rehabilitation of MHs for over 2,000 LF of 42″.
Additionally, Aurora Technical Services served as the project construction manager for the construction of approximately 6,500 LF of 24″ waterline, valves and appurtenances along Westheimer. Aurora Technical Services was involved in the management of subconsultants for topographic and environmental surveys, geotechnical investigations, utility design and traffic control. Special circumstances affecting the schedule included extensive streetscaping, access to numerous private driveways, handling a high volume of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and noise pollution control in a mixed/commercial area.