Client: City of Houston (COH)
Location: Houston, TX

A+ Services completed design of 8,000 LF of 108” WL along West Hardy Rd as part of the City’s NETL. The project includes open cut crossings at Beltway 8 & CPN pipeline corridor, and tunneled crossing at existing 84” WL, UPRR Railroad and TxDOT frontage roads.
Major challenges included (1) constructability issues with placing the prop. 108” WL in close proximity to existing 84” WL; (2) Crossing existing 84” LDWL, Pipeline corridor and UPRR Railroad; (3) Mitigating bridge settlement risks for BW-8 Bridge; (4) Minimizing impact to High Voltage Transmission Towers in proximity to 108” WL. A+ Services, through extensive design alternative evaluation and coordination with stakeholders, developed appropriate mitigation measures and implemented them into bid documents.