Construction Management

Construction Management; Post Oak Reconstruction from Richmond Avenue to IH-610
Uptown Development Authority, Houston, TX

Currently, Mr. Ortega serves as the Lead Construction Engineer for the Uptown Development Authority. In this role, he supports the Authority’s ongoing $150M construction program to reconstruct the infrastructure within the Galleria Area. The most notable project involves the reconstruction of over 9,000 LF of Post Oak Boulevard from Richmond Avenue to IH-610. As part of the project, the existing six lanes of traffic will be shifted outwards to accommodate the placement of two dedicated bus lanes down the middle of the road. Construction will require significant traffic control and phasing. Utility improvements will include the construction of over 15,000 LF of 42” to 12” sanitary sewers and almost 18,000 LF of 12” water lines, including the relocation of numerous water meter vaults and multiple adjustments to an existing 24” water line. To facilitate construction of the main project and reduce the impact to the local retail/commercial and residential stakeholders, construction of some of the utility relocations has started in advance of the main reconstruction work.

As the Lead Construction Engineer for the Uptown Development Authority, Mr. Ortega is responsible for establishing the construction protocol, managing the construction management and inspection team, and working with the design team to increase the constructability of the proposed projects. He has also participated in coordinating the constructability reviews, conducting constructability workshops to identify ways to mitigate impacts during construction, and evaluated specific elements of the design to reduce estimated costs. With the ongoing utility relocations, Mr. Ortega has been actively engaged in resolving conflicts, addressing RFI’s, and coordinating with the adjacent property owners and tenants.


Galleria Area, Post Oak and Westheimer Improvements
Uptown Development Authority/City of Houston, TX

Mr. Ortega served as project manager on the construction of approximately 6,550 LF of a replacement 24” waterline, valves and appurtenances along Westheimer from IH-610 to Post Oak Boulevard and along Post Oak Boulevard from Westheimer to IH-610 in Houston’s Galleria area. As Uptown Development Authority’s consultant, Mr. Ortega was involved in negotiating the Interlocal Agreement for the jointly funded project with the City of Houston. Design submittals and project correspondence between the Uptown and the City were extensive, requiring direct involvement by Mr. Ortega and his team. He was responsible for managing subconsultants for the topographic and environmental surveys, geotechnical investigation, and traffic control plan design. Other special circumstances in addition to the construction schedule included: protection of extensive streetscape, access to numerous private access drives, handling high volumes of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and noise and pollution control in a mixed residential/commercial/tourism area. At the time of construction, Mr. Ortega also coordinated with TxDOT’s planned improvements to IH-610 and Westheimer Road.